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Below is a sample of some of our latest featured projects. For each we describe the solution the client brought to the table, our proposed solution, and then the impact it has had on the client’s business.

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Artplace America

ArtPlace America was looking to develop a professional and engaging website that fit the organization’s vision as well as provide equal billing to its four core lines of work. Moreover, the website needed to be easy to navigate and maintainable by staff on a day-to-day basis. The admin portion of the website needed to be streamlined in an efficient manner.

The Challenge: 

ArtPlace’s previous website solution was out of date and in serious need of a website redesign. The admin area of the site was difficult and tedious to use, making it very difficult to update content. Additionally, the search function was difficult to use and did not always produce accurate results.

Moreover, ArtPlace wanted their new website to additionally serve as a portal for their Grantee Community (Grantees are the organizations that ArtPlace awards grants to each year). The new website should allow Grantees to log in to a members area where they can update their profile information, submit blog posts, post upcoming event information, etc. The current process was that Grantees would email this information to ArtPlace staff to post on the website, which was putting a strain on the ArtPlace staff.

The Solution:

Red Sequoia worked with ArtPlace to completely redesign and re-imagine their website. We worked with ArtPlace to ensure the branding and messaging properly reflected their organization and culture. Additionally we sat down with ArtPlace to engineer the most efficient content workflows possible, allowing their staff to easily update their website. We implemented a robust search for their entire Grantee Database of over 200 organizations utilizing Apache Solr. Finally, we constructed a Grantee Portal, allowing Grantee’s the ability to login and manage their accounts.


ArtPlace now has a website that accurately reflects their mission and branding, communicates effectively to their constituents, and allows users to quickly and easily find information. Moreover, a weight has been lifted off of ArtPlace staff members, as they no longer need to “manually” update the website every time a Grantee has a new event to post. Grantee’s are now able to keep their profiles up to date by themselves

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The goal of the the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Music & Theater Arts website is to reshape and unify the visual identity of their innovative research and performance programs while remaining functionally compatible with other MIT programs.

The Challenge:

The Music and Theater Arts Section of the School of Humanities and Arts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was seeking to completely redesign its’ existing website, combining the previously separated Music department and Theater Arts department websites. In doing so, MIT was seeking to unify the visual identity of their innovative research and performance programs. At the same time, the new site had to remain functionally compatible with other MIT programs.

The Solution:

During the Discovery process Red Sequoia worked with MIT to identify and conceptualize the ideal ways in which the website would function. We provided MIT with detailed specifications and wireframes of how the site would be built in order to provide all stakeholders with a clear picture of our end product. Once the alpha period of review was complete we delivered the site to MIT for review and feedback. During this stage we provided MIT with training and documentation so that MIT staff could easily migrate content and be comfortable managing the site after launch. Once MIT formally reviewed and accepted the product, the website was launched.


The end result of this project is that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Music & Theater Arts website is a newly designed and merges the two previous websites of the Music and Theater Arts departments. By combining the two websites into one destination, both prospective and current students, arts patrons, foundations, potential donors, parents of students, peer institutions, prospective faculty, theater and concert-goers, as well as Alumni now have one resource for all of their needs.

Gotham Market at the Ashland

The Gotham Market At The Ashland is a curated culinary market in Fort Greene, Brooklyn with eight dining + drinking venues.


“This Gotham West spinoff inside an upscale Fort Greene residential building hosts vendors like Apizza, Boqueria, Flip Bird and Bar Granger, plus the bi-level Mason Jar for Southern fare (with the option of full-service dining) and rotating neighborhood businesses as part of an incubator program. Breakfast spot Egg @ The Bird will be there too, and the airy communal atmosphere, with big windows, brick accents and white subway tile, extends out to sidewalk seating.” – Zagat

The Atlas and The Nicole

The Atlas and The Nicole are two of New York’s highly sought after residences. The Atlas is in Midtown, while The Nicole is in Columbus Circle.

The Challenge:

Gotham came to us to redesign two of their Atlas and Nicole properties. They were seeking an overall design enhancement in order to bring the site up to modern, responsive web standards, allowing them to be optimized for desktop, mobile, and tablet. We also needed to migrate the original sites to folders within the main www.livinggotham.com website, which provided SEO benefits.

The Solution:

Red Sequoia developed two identical, beautiful websites which cater directly to the potential resident. We highlighted the benefits of living at each location, and provided an easy way for potential residents to find available residences.


Gotham now has a two properties with identical themed sites, bringing the outdated original site within a universal property theme. The user can now easily find available residences, while the end user can now contact Gotham directly about specific homes with the click of the mouse.

Performing Arts Alliance

Founded in 1977, the Performing Arts Alliance (PAA) has been the premiere advocate for America’s professional nonprofit arts organizations, artists, and their publics before the US Congress and key policy makers. Through legislative and grassroots action, PAA advocates for national policies that recognize, enhance, and foster the contributions the performing arts make to America. PAA’s member network is over 30,000 arts organizations, artists, and arts supporters.

The Challenge:

PAA came to us needing a new website which needed to be integrated with Voter Voice, a cloud-based advocacy tool that they use for grassroots advocacy campaigns for federal policies impacting the arts.

The Solution:

We provided PAA with a new website layout which organizes all of their content logically, and showcases the breadth of the organization’s work. We spent considerable amount of time on learning the Voter Voice product and how best to integrate it into their website to meet their specific needs.


Now it is much easier for PAA to update their website with current news on policy issues. Everything has a designated place — on both the front end and the back end. With a new section, their members can easily follow the progress of federal issues and see how their grassroots action is making a difference.

Gabriel Flores

Originally from San Antonio, Texas and now based in London, England, Gabriel Flores provides business coaching to professionals to produce more results with greater ease, and enables them to make the most of their profession.

The Challenge:

Gabriel asked Red Sequoia to build a site that would double as an e-commerce site for his programs and also as a vehicle to advertise his business coaching services. We needed to integrate it with the vCita business management app.

The Solution:

We developed a clean, modern website for Gabriel that is easily navigated by the user, and puts focus on four distinct needs potential clients are seeking for. Each of these needs is further broken down to showcase how Gabriel’s programs will solve the needs of the end user. Through the free 30-minute consultation, Gabriel steers the user towards one of his programs, which can be accessed with a provided login.


Gabriel’s new business website is an eye-appealing tool which he uses to more successfully direct clients and potential clients towards solving their business needs and providing individual career path direction.

CitySeed /BuyCTGrown.com

CitySeed’s mission is to bring Connecticut’s 4,000 farms and their various offerings closer to consumers, to support local agricultural enterprises, and contribute to the health and viability of CT’s rural economy.

Their website, BuyCTGrown.com, allows Connecticut residents to find locally grown food. BuyCTGrown.com provides an alternative to big box shopping markets, allowing CT residents to purchase produce directly from their local farms.

The Challenge:

In their current system, their Search was not functioning properly and the CMS in place made updating content very difficult. CitySeed was ready to build a new system to take their offering to the next level. In addition to web development services, CitySeed was looking for a partner that could offer strategic business advice and would work with them to build a successful revenue generating product.

The Solution:

Red Sequoia worked with CitySeed to first identify goals and measurable criteria for success. We then engaged in a thorough process of discovery and created both a detailed specification document and complete set of wireframes for how the Application would be re-imagined. Working with CitySeed’s freelance designer, we built the website in Drupal and utilized Apache Solr to meet the complex needs of the “intelligent search engine” which CitySeed requested. The end result is a beautifully designed website that delivers both in form and function, providing the technical capabilities requested and meeting CitySeed’s business objectives.


This has been a great project for Red Sequoia because we were able to leverage our business knowledge and technical know-how to create a positive social impact for people in Connecticut. As a result of our work and collaboration with CitySeed, more people in Connecticut are able to quickly find and enjoy delicious locally grown food. This helps local communities, the farming community, and the environment.

Community Neuroscience Servicves

Community Neuroscience Services (CNS) was founded to provide accessible, patient-focused neurology care. CNS is an innovative neurology practice dedicated to treating the whole patient and to provide a comprehensive community of care where patients feel respected and valued. CNS treats each patient as they would a family member, engaging in open, honest communications to ensure the best treatment pathway.

The Challenge:

CNS had a very old, static website and came to us looking for something fresh and new. Their goal for the website is to be a valuable source of information for people with neurological disease. These individuals come to CNS looking for information on doctors who will be able to treat their problem and make them better.

The Solution:

We provided CNS with a completely new website layout which breaks down the site into their three target audiences: patients, families, and physicians. The site also highlights what services CNS offers their patients and biographies of the medical staff involved. The site also includes a link to a Patient Portal where clients can communicate with their physician’s office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Whereas the previous site was a static site focusing mainly on contact information, the new website is a fresh, well-organized website that users can easily browse for information on neurological diseases and treatments.

Learning Without Borders

Learning Without Borders (LWB) is a leading provider of Alternative Finance Management Courses and Leadership Development Courses in the UK. Since 2008 LWB has been helping professionals and companies in Alternative Finance with its active, performance-geared courses to produce innovative solutions for some of society’s toughest problems in financial inclusion.

The Challenge:

LWB was expanding internationally to China, and had just recently adjusted it’s business model to accommodate this expansion. Primarily, LWB needed a website that reflected the new business model and offerings. The design of the website needed to be on-par with large corporate institutions servicing the Financial Market in London. Finally, all website content needed to be published in both English and Chinese languages, and this content needed to be easily maintainable on an ongoing basis.

The Solution:

Red Sequoia first conducted a series of Strategy & Discovery meetings with LWB to best understand their new business model, their ideal client, product offerings, and market. With this information in hand, Red Sequoia then built a clean and polished looking website, on-par with those of the best known financial institutions in London. We also implemented an elegant solution (leveraging WP-translate) which allows LWB to easily publish and maintain content in both languages.


LWB has reported the new website has provided further acclaim to their reputation and an overall boost in their marketing activities.

Thomson Family Adventures

Thomson Family Adventures are family travel experts. They create one-of-kind, high quality adventures to engage, entertain and educate families with children of all ages. Because of their never ending dedication to creating incredible family adventure experiences, they have been rated as the best family adventure tour operator by National Geographic Adventure Magazine, for two years and counting.

The Challenge:

In 2007, it became clear to Thomson Family Adventures that their website was unfortunately not comparable to their beautifully designed print catalog, filled with inspirational stories and breath taking photos. Thomson Family Adventures wanted a fresh new website design which would capture the informative beauty of their print catalog and captivate families searching for adventure travel online.

Additionally, they wanted their website to be supported with a robust Content Management System, which would allow them the versatility of independently making easy updates to their website.

The Solution:

With the assistance of Chiarella Designs, we provided a custom design to Thomson Family Adventures that portrayed and enlivened the magnificence of their print catalog. The striking new site is reinforced by a powerful Content Management System (CMS), which allows Thomson Family Adventures to update their site with ease.

OBT Music

OBT Music is a film music licensing company. Typical users are producers/engineers working on a film project who are in need of backing music tracks. This ambitious web application contains a database of thousands of music cues, which are searchable based on various criteria (music genre, keywords, instruments and tempos). A custom shopping cart system allows users to purchase cue licenses. An integrated backend allows complete management of music cues and all affiliated content types.

Other Projects

Gotham Hospitality

Landing Page highlighting two of New York’s premiere food halls: Gotham Market at the Ashland and Gotham West Market (WordPress). Visit Site

Health Alliance with Physicians

Website redesign with backing Content Management System (Drupal).

MediaFriends, Inc.

Worked with in-house software developers to integrate television chat software with Facebook Connect API.

East Timor National Zoo

A non-profit organization sought to create a website as part of their initial presentation to the president of Timor-Leste (East Timor) for the purpose of creating a national zoo.

The Challenge:

To create a website that would effectively demonstrate the intent of the non-profit organization in order to gain the support and approval of the president of East Timor.

The Solution:

A website was created that brought the concept of a national zoo to life. With the aid of the website, the presentation was a complete success. As a result, the president of East Timor embraced the idea, agreeing to work further with the non-profit organization in its development of this project.

The next exciting steps include expanding and enhancing the website to allow for the establishment of partnerships, as well as the implementation of a strategic online marketing plan.


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